Legal outsourcing services (LPO) for IT company by technology lawyers

Technology law is aimed to help IT companies provide their services in a dully, smart, and which is the most important – compliant manner. Means of IT law or technology law such as consultations, contracts, claims and other legal documents are aimed to help the founders and officials of respective IT business to reach their business goals.


Legal tasks to outsource to IT lawyers

Legal outsourcing may be really beneficial for IT / Technology business as a team of law experts in such fields as contract law, IP law, privacy law and corporate law can contribute additional value to the products and processes of the IT company.

You may outsource legal services as follows:

  • Privacy compliance. GDPR, CCPA and other local privacy regulation may be applicable for your IT company. Technology lawyers outsourcing team may have really great experience and cases and, quite possible – has already faced necessity to make a compliance for business that is similar to yours regarding data flows and so on. Thus, you may get privacy package for your company from the IT lawyers with domain expertise.
  • Contracts and contract negotiation. If you provide services of IT outsourcing or offshore software development, you may need time & material contract, dedicated team or fixed price agreement. Such legal relationship may be also managed by one MSA – master services agreement. Well, if you will have your own great draft of such contract, it will be much easier to accelerate contractual negotiations on it. By the way, such task may be also an issue to outsource to your Dedicated lawyers team.
  • IP management. Intellectual property is one of the main assets of the information technology company. Thus, it’s management should be entrusted to the professionals. LPO teams with IP expertise may advice on structuring of IP, legal basics of its protection and even build an IP strategy for your company. Trademark registration in USA may empower your mobile application or other software by claiming your right to use the respective name for your services.
  • Corporate structuring. Where should you incorporate your startup or outsourcing IT business? You can try Poland, Cyprus, USA or even Ukraine. In any case the tax related issues, security of ownership and other high priority issues have to be considered. You should plan your corporate structure when entering new markets as well. You may get full scope of corporate advice upon ordering legal outsourcing services for IT business.
  • Settlement of disputes. Dispute resolution for technology disputes is a service you can outsource from experienced team of IT lawyers. Domain disputes are widespread in IT business. UDRP process legal support has to be excellent. Litigation with contractors or customers may be a problem. Most cases could be resolved without taking them to the court. Claims, attorneys’ requests and other means may help you get the result you need.
  • Investment legal support. When you create an innovative product, it’s possible that you are already on the seed round and planning to get more. Good shareholder’s agreements, convertible notes or SAFEs, developed using legal outsourcing services of technology lawyers may be really beneficial for your company.

Legal outsourcing for IT companies – make a smart choice

The undouble benefit of LPO (legal processing outsourcing) is getting to your team extra-professionals with various experience. IT lawyer, who has already supported hundreds of companies, with similar needs to yours may provide you best services possible   

Most legal services for IT business may be provided in the remote mode. Thus, deliverables may be provided through cloud platform and consultation may be provided online. Even participation in dispute resolution may be in the online regime. It means, that technology lawyer can be a part of your team and provide all the needed legal services even, if such IT lawyer is in the other country.

How to get a quote for legal outsourcing services from technology lawyers?

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