Legal IT Group  is a team of IT/Privacy lawyers and attorneys. Let’s get acquainted!

GDPR / privacy department

We work on (and certainly are fond of) complicated GDPR- and other privacy-related projects.
Kateryna Dubas is the Head of practice. Ihor Kotkov and Anna Matsienko are privacy lawyers docused on IT projects.

IT dispute settlement department

We are the people whose aim is to protect IT business and software engineers.
Karina Hurova is the head of practice. Oleksandra Belymenko, Sabina Postolnyk and Andrii Zakaliuk
are members of the team that considers digital-linked conflicts their regular workflow –
the area where they can express their innovative thinking.

Attorney at law Olha Afonina specializes in multi-jurisdictional cases.
Vladyslav Demyanets and Zoriana Matiushenko practice in both technological disputes
and legal consulting of blockchain projects.

Contracts, IP and Consulting

Ivan Liaskivskii and Kateryna Namaka are the co-heads of the practice.
Kateryna Petrenko, the IT lawyer, is an inextricable member of the team.
Are you in need of a last-minute and well-construed MSA with a client?  Drop us a line.

Finance & marketing

Anastasiia Konstantynova is our Head of Marketing and Friendship.
Viktoriia Zakharniova is always ready to help you out with the comfortable CJM when it comes to payment for our service.


Gennadiy Tamashev is our Senior managing partner. Strategist and experienced IT attorney.
Anton Tarasiuk is our Managing partner, an IT/Privacy lawyer. He’s focused on business development and customer relationship.

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