A few steps may be passed from a pre-seed round to the unicorn. This way is thorny; hence, the process of raising funds requires precision, as well as a clear understanding of what exactly is happening.

You need a lawyer if you want to be sure that negotiation is properly set down in the contract. Smart plan, tailor-made documents and clear understanding of legal issues can be the key to success.

People request our help in different situations and at various stages of investment. Sometimes they are angels and investors, sometimes startups. Their goal is always the same – execute the deal correctly.

Process of the investment depends on the jurisdiction. Such instruments as SAFE or convertible note work only under the legislation of some countries while somewhere the viable action is the joint formation of the authorized capital. It is also essential to be able to sign a flexible and high-quality Shareholders Agreement, which will allow settling the possible options for new investors to enter and exit the startup.

No matter how the deal is settled, the goal is always the same – the startup growth due to the received financing. Contracts and other documents are created to secure this growth and provide the opportunity to raise the next rounds.

Our Services



  • Consulting on the choice of jurisdiction and the corporate structure of the company for investment
  • Consultation on the legal process of the fundraising within pre-seed and seed rounds
  • Due diligence of the project/startup
  • Legal groundwork with the project/startup prior to the investment

110 USD / hour



  • Shareholders agreement

  • Term sheet

  • Convertible note


  • Stock option agreement

  • Subscription agreement

Fixed price


disputes resolution

  • Support of IT lawyers/attorneys with the resolution of the dispute related to investing in a startup

Negotiated price

Experts for IT investment

Lyaskivskij Ivan
Senior IT lawyer

Tarasiuk Anton
Managing partner

Belymenko Oleksandra
Senior IT lawyer

Our experience

Our team has supported dozens of IT investment transactions.

We drafted SHA for investments under the Poland legislation and Convertible note for startups in Delaware.

We dealt with subscription agreements in Cyprus and helped investors with proofreading investment documents for a deal in the UK.

We have expertise in due diligence of a startup in the context of IP and contracts with key performers, and we will be happy to help in your case!

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