Terms of use (User agreement / EULA)

Terms of use and User agreement drafting is not that easy. To order terms of use one must understand how his services works and what is the mechanics. Customized and tailor made terms of use can win loyalty of your customers and show how much your care.

Make terms of use understandable and useful for the clients, not just bunch of disclaimers. Terms of use for mobile app or user agreement for the web-site protects your business and defines legal relations with your users. Entrust terms of use to professionals and read about the best practices in our terms of use blog. Don’t hesitate to get a quotation for terms of use drafting.

Terms of use or user agreement for web-site or mobile app

Terms of use draft is not enough. Terms of use (or sometimes – User agreement) defines the scope and content of the legal relationships your company enters with the users or subscribers of your services. …