GDPR compliance, meaning, rights

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new Regulation of the EU on personal data protection.

GDPR is not just a law; the Regulation is in force in more than twenty countries and potentially extends its regulatory significance even to those outside the EU who would like to participate in the EU internal market trade.

In addition, the GDPR is a global model of personal data protection, an example of good practice, and is followed by a number of updated national data privacy laws. In other words, even if the GDPR does not apply directly in your country, companies may still face the question of “how to comply with the GDPR” and “how to prepare for the GDPR”.

Interestingly, many outsourcers need a deployed GDPR compliance toolkit. We gladly advise on the GDPR-related matters, prepare the GDPR documents for a website or application, and conduct a GDPR audit. The GDPR service you need may well be available in our portfolio and be described in a separate article. We have a successful experience of handling the GDPR preparation in various fields.

In this blog, we tell a bit more about the GDPR compliance in general, as well as share secrets and build a solid GDPR plan for your case. Ensuring the ongoing GDPR compliance, drafting GDPR documents, and preparing for GDPR with our advice will become an easy and enjoyable experience. Even if you just want to explore the outcomes of your business processes, launch a new GDPR-compliant product, or enter the market covered by GDPR, our blog will be useful for you.

You can learn more about our offer on the GDPR compliance service page.

Dubas Kateryna

IT / privacy lawyer

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