IT business faces legal challenges on a daily basis. Launching new products, entering new markets and using hi-tech – AI, ML, IOT means the need to comply with the applicable legal regulations. And of course different countries have different regulation.

Some of them lack in precise rules at all, and someone’s regulation let them implement the bravest decisions and protect the rights of the company at the same time.

IT companies and startups usually contact us with the following requests:

  1. Corporate structuring and relation settlement between co-founders
  2. Investment registration and determination of the transaction format
  3. Planning the structure of contractual relations and tax burden
  4. Determination of the possibility of implementing a specific business model of the project in the legal field
  5. Interaction with stores in the context of filling out forms / receiving permissions
  6. Consulting on legal aspects of negotiations in the framework of reaching agreements and their implementation.

Sometimes startup has a cool concept but it is not clear whether their idea is legal enough and what regulation is applicable. So good and timely legal consultation can define the further successful path of the company.

You may need a consultation on contract, intellectual property, corporate structuring and GDPR / CCPA issues.

We are always glad to help!

Our services


on Compliance / IP

  • Consultations on GDPR/CCPA and other data protection acts
  • Consultations on the management of IT company’s Intellectual property
  • Consultations on the applicable scope of legislation on specific project mechanism

110 USD / hour


on Contracts / Structuring

  • Consultations on the choice of jurisdiction and relation registration between co-founders / investors
  • Consultations on contract registration and automation of contractual work
  • Consultations on non-compete / buy-out.

Fixed price


on conflict situations / relating information security issues

  • Consultations on dispute settlement with contractors
  • Consultations and policies on legal issues relating information security.

Agreed price

IT consulting experts

Lyaskivskij Ivan
Senior IT lawyer

Tarasiuk Anton
Managing partner

Belymenko Oleksandra
Senior IT lawyer

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