Legal support of IT business. Trends.

Given the speed of the development of the IT market, the traditional approach of offering the same types of legal services cannot meet the needs of customers.

The world is changing, and although legislation does not always keep up with these changes, we are making efforts to ensure that legal services are in line with the needs of the market.

So, what does a customer need?

  • Quick response to queries

A lawyer is an assistant; his help is necessary to support business processes. As long as these business processes do not exist, nobody mentions the legal aspect of the issue.

At the same time, you need to fold iron, while it’s hot, and therefore potential and current customers cannot wait for a few days until they respond to their request.

The client needs to quickly understand: can they help him here? At what time? How much will it cost?

The most effective, of course, is cooperation with regular customers, thanks to regular communication. At the same time, potential customers also need feedback within a reasonable time.

The answer in 24 hours is not ok. Optimal response to customer requests almost moment reaction.


  • Modern means of communication

Who is our client and what does he do? This is a person / team working in the field of information technology.

The client constantly uses various messenger and task managers. Undoubtedly, installing 100500 programs will not be effective. At the same time, having a few of the most popular messengers will greatly facilitate access to legal services for most of their clients.

Yes, there is always a phone, but nowadays, a most people prefer messengers.


  • Customer needs in the first place

“Sell all and more” is not ok. Immediate and long-term benefits are achieved through constructive dialogue and the search for an individual solution.

It is better to sell to the client what he does not need, than to sell him not relevant services. Only a real solution to urgent issues creates a solid foundation for further long-term and productive cooperation.

Caring for a client means being honest with him.

  • Looking to the future. Vision of IT lawyer.

Understanding the trends of market development and the most common problems in the industry is an integral part of quality service.

The client may be inclined to implement a model of work that was effective five years ago or even effective today (so does his friend).

Given the global changes in regulation, the desired model of work may no longer be relevant, or become so soon.

Agreeing with the client can be simpler and more profitable in the short term, but the client is not interested in agreeing with him, he needs professional services, even if it does not coincide with his initial plans.

Sometimes the client does not have any picture yet and in this case he needs help with understanding this picture.


  • “Infrastructure” around the world

IT business is a global business. It is difficult to imagine any IT company or a startup project that plans to develop exclusively within the jurisdiction of Ukraine or any other jurisdiction.

It is necessary not only to have sufficient knowledge and experience to help the client to choose the jurisdiction and organizational-legal form, but also to be able to help the client in implementing the chosen model of work.

It’s rather difficult to register a company in Delaware when you are a lawyer in Ukraine. Herewith, it is possible to find proven contractors who can provide the necessary services qualitatively. In this case, the lawyer in Ukraine acts as an intermediary and controller on the part of the customer. The client receives a verified contractor and peace of mind.


  • Legal business services in combination with tax and accounting proposals

The “all inclusive” trend is not only in the field of vacation, but also in legal services. The client wants to have one reliable contractor capable of closing related issues and relieving him of all headaches.


Indeed, the meaning of this article can be expressed in one sentence:

A comprehensive client-oriented approach is the main trend of legal support for IT business.

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