A contract for IT with a customer

  • It might be a Time & Material (Agile) contract that details specific business processes;

  • Or it might be a contract for out staff developers paying for downtime;

  • Perhaps, it will be a waterfall format with a specific scope of work and milestones;

  • The main agreement with additional agreements for a specific format of cooperation is also a good option.

Абонентское обслуживание. Юристы для ІТ 9

IT contracts with your team

  • Developers might stay in a co-working place as well as be on freelance. They might also be involved in projects or provide software development services on a permanent basis.

  • We promptly capture all nuances of the NDA, transfer of copyrights and terms of cooperation in contracts.

  • Also there are designers, devops, PM, which also need to have adequate contracts and right classifications of economic activities.

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IT services outsourcing contract is your competitive advantage

Just imagine a customized outsourcing contract that includes an experience of your company for specific situations, best practices, your corporate style, which is integrated into your business processes totally.


With this tool, it is possible not only to close deals spectacularly, but to manage it with a reliable and effective lever of influence as well.

If Your Company is located in Ukraine and your client is non-resident, then a bilingual document is required.

If your company is located in the EU or in the USA, then most likely, only the English version of a contract will be enough.

How do you work? Are there specific milestones or just back-logs and sprints?

Tell us and let us write these details so that you and your client are on the same page.

Let’s make a customized letter for a customer, in which we will explain the essence and main points of the contract.


We will do it on letterhead, thanks to which we will not only raise our credibility but also make our client’s CJM enjoyable.

Programmers, designers, Devops, PM, PO, QA - contracts with a team

If a contractor gets ill, is he obliged to provide services? What about an extra reward for a quarter?


The task of a contract with team players is both regulate everything in detail and do it in a user-friendly manner.

Will a fine of $ 100,500 be issued for disclosure of confidential information? Don’t think so.

Is it possible to prevent a private company from providing services to its competitors for 100 years? Don’t think so.

What can you do? Just ask us.

How will we transfer IP rights to a customer if we have not taken them away from a contractor?

We regulate such questions as to when and what the company now belongs at great length in a contract.

Typically, contracts and legal paperwork are not a joy to developers.

Let’s make a great letter in which we will explain – what, why and for what.

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