A well-drafted MSA (Master Service Agreement) and a cover letter thereto, indeed, may considerably facilitate the closing of the agreement with a client.

While the template downloaded from the first link on the Internet with mistakes and failed numbering without explications and specifications for the particular business processes significantly increases the odds to close the agreement for your competitor but not for you.    

Whether your contracts become valuable assets or pain and tears for your business, that is the history to decide. But, why not to make the contract perfect at the beginning?

The common clients that need to design the contracts on outsourcing are CEOs, founders or C-level managers in the IT companies. The standard provisions required to be included in the agreements with clients (usually MSA and exhibits thereto in the form of time&material, dedicated team and waterfall) are the terms of payment, transfer of the intellectual property rights, non- solicitation and the right to use the information regarding the project in the portfolio.

In the case of the agreements with the team (developers, designers, managers) the customers welcome the provisions on the confidentiality (NDA), non-compete (NCA), clear and unambiguous terms on the termination and strict conditions on the intellectual property rights belonging from the moment of their creation to the customer.

By the way, why not to automate the whole process when you already have well-drafted templates customized to a variety of situations? For instance, it is very convenient to insert just the full name of a new member of the team and to get instantly an automatically generated NDA. We propose a comprehensive approach embracing the whole process: from the creation of a customized contract for your company to the automation of filling in such contracts.

Our services:


of the IT contracts:

  • A contract with the Customer- MSA (Master Service Agreement) and exhibits thereto, namely, waterfall, outstaff and time&material.
  • A contract with the developers, designers, PM and other members of the team.
  • NDA (Non- Disclosure Agreement) and NCA (Non-Compete Agreement).
  • Other customized agreements (BDaaS, SEO, SAAS, etc.).

Fixed price


with the IT contracts:

  • Proofreading of the contracts and submission of the recommendations.
  • Amending the contracts.
  • Support and maintenance of the negotiations regarding the contracts.
  • Consultation on the existing risks in contractual relations.
  • Consultation during the performance or non-performance of the contract.

110 USD / hour


of the IT contracts:

  • Automation of filling in the dynamic fields in the contract (Full name, bank details, prices, etc.)
  • Automation of the process of preparing the cover letters to the contracts.

Fixed price

Experts on the sphere of IT contracts:

Belymenko Oleksandra
Senior IT lawyer

Tarasiuk Anton
Managing partner

Kateryna Petrenko
IT lawyer

Our Expertise

Solid years of experience, positive feedbacks of clients, probation of our contracts in the pre-trial and trial disputes allow us to do our bit every day. Our goal is to create a reliable basis of contracts becoming a precious asset of any IT company.

The idea to automate the process of concluding the contracts in the IT has appeared from cases of our clients that as all pragmatic engineers prone to optimize everything. When we followed this approach, we realized that the automation significantly simplifies the usage of contracts for our clients: managers of the IT companies, sales agents and HR specialists. Thus, we have launched this service on automation of drafting the contracts.

It is important to recall that the optimisation of trashy contracts makes for the automation of trashy contracts. Without any doubt, we recommend to work with well-drafted and customized for the particular business processes of your company templates. We are pleased to assist in the preparation of such templates at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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