An awesome MSA (Master service agreement) and a cover letter can incredibly speed up the closing of a deal with a client.

At the same time, a template from the Internet with errors and wrong numbering without any explanations and elaborations for specific business processes increases the chances of closing the deal for your competitor.

Will your contracts become valuable assets or show pain & tears for your business? We do not know it now, but isn’t it better to make everything properly right away?

My name is Ivan Lyaskovskyi and I represent the IT contracts practice.
You can find below a list of the most popular contracts that are ordered from us. You can choose and then contact us. If the necessary agreement is not listed here, it is not a big deal, just contact us and we will see how we can help you:

What contracts do we prepare?


Software development agreement (IT outsourcing agreement)

It can be an agreement for the development of a website/mobile or web application. There may be a fixed price, when the parties have a statement of work, agree on milestones and their cost. Flexible terms and conditions of time & material contract are also possible. Such contracts can be both between Ukrainian residents or have a foreign element.


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Master services agreement (MSA)

Oddly enough, this is also a software development agreement, but it is also a “master” contract. It can include the development and design services, and many other things. Three appendices are often made to such an agreement: time & material, dedicated team, and fixed price, and an addendum for a specific format is signed with the client.


Outstaffing agreement

And it’s also a software development contract. One of its formats can also be called a dedicated team contract. The point is that the developer company is not responsible for the developed software, but for having a team that is ready to complete tasks for the client. The copyright is transferred to the customer, the customer can approve the team, and the contractor can have managers distribute the work.


Agreements with team - developers, designers, managers

For example, a company in Poland engages Ukrainian private entrepreneurs – developers, designers, project managers, several HR and sales managers. Each of these specialists needs a contract. It is necessary to transfer intellectual property, to agree on the details of providing services for performing the agreement. And what about confidentiality and non-competition?


Non-disclosure agreement - NDA

All members of the team need NDAs. We should determine what is confidential information, how it is transferred, what is NDA violations and sanctions.


Non-compete agreement - NCA

You cannot prohibit a developer from writing code forever, but specific custom restrictions, which are based on logic and judicial practice, do work.

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Marketing services agreement (digital SSM, SEO, ASO, referral, partnership, etc.)

The format of remuneration for marketing services can be different: percentage for a lead, payments for impressions, as well as a link to organic traffic. This includes promotion through social networks and the development of brand strategies. Also, there is traffic arbitration with its own DSP and SSP. You can custom everything!


SLA (Service level agreement)

This type of agreement is typical for services that provide IT support. There should be indicated the speed of response to server crashes and common bugs, as well as the conditions of the support.


License agreement

There are countless licenses in IT – from licenses for photos on photo stocks to white-label solutions of specific software for large IT products.

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Recruiting agreement

Finding new people for the IT team is a big deal. Recruitment bonus programs for new developers may vary. Also, there are so called “black lists”. These are the candidates with whom negotiations have already started and for whom the recruiting company will not receive a bonus.

What exactly do we do and how much does it cost?

Contracts can be in different languages, including English.
We usually ask you to fill in a questionnaire and have a call to agree on details.
We prepare contracts in a period from two to ten days.

  • We draft custom contracts.

  • We check, proofread and amend contracts.

  • We provide recommendations and consultations on contractual issues.

  • We help in contractual negotiations.

  • We help in contractual conflicts and disputes.

We have a hourly rate – 100 USD

We are easygoing. We calculate fixed price costs for projects on its basis.

Experts on the sphere of IT contracts:

Kateryna Namaka

Senior IT lawyer

Andriy Zakaliuk
Senior IT lawyer

Zoriana Matiushenko

Junior IT lawyer

Our Expertise

Solid years of experience, positive feedbacks of clients, probation of our contracts in the pre-trial and trial disputes allow us to do our bit every day. Our goal is to create a reliable basis of contracts becoming a precious asset of any IT company.

The idea to automate the process of concluding the contracts in the IT has appeared from cases of our clients that as all pragmatic engineers prone to optimize everything. When we followed this approach, we realized that the automation significantly simplifies the usage of contracts for our clients: managers of the IT companies, sales agents and HR specialists. Thus, we have launched this service on automation of drafting the contracts.

It is important to recall that the optimisation of trashy contracts makes for the automation of trashy contracts. Without any doubt, we recommend to work with well-drafted and customized for the particular business processes of your company templates. We are pleased to assist in the preparation of such templates at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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