Terms of use for a SaaS project that works in b2b or b2c format is a must. Online stores need a public offer at least in order to connect to the payment system. The terms of use of the service determine the rights and obligations of the company in relation to consumers.
And if this is a marketplace, then separate rules are needed for participants with different statuses within the framework of the project mechanics.

Preparation of Terms of Use


Terms of Use for an online store

Nowadays we visit online stores more often than the regular ones.

Do not agree? But, perhaps, you agree that Terms of Use for an online store is still a must. The requirements of the legislation on consumer protection must be fulfilled, and the payment system must be connected. Moreover, you should communicate with consumers in a transparent and clear manner.

There is an incredible variety of mechanics here. Software for almost everything and the sale of subscriptions to users from all over the world has already become a part of our life.

No one focuses on specific geo. It is necessary to look at the place of registration of the company registered and where the users are located. Also, it’s worth taking a look at the specifics of the product. Maybe you need a license? Terms of Use for SaaS projects are often modified and updated, because the product is dynamic and, as a rule, new features are constantly added.


Terms of use for marketplaces

The marketplace is where transactions take place. The sale of software licenses, the sale of services, goods or other objects on one website, from a legal point of view, means that it is necessary to clearly define the rules of the game. It is necessary to establish the rights and obligations of marketplace participants and their relations with each other. It is necessary to determine – who pays for what and to whom, and how the platform (marketplace) receives its reward.


Privacy policy, DMCA policy, content policy, trademark use policy, refund policy, and any other policy

Of course, a privacy policy is needed for almost any project/website/application, because user data is collected. For many projects, a refund policy will be required, and if you provide the opportunity to communicate between users, then a content policy will be useful. There are a lot of policies, let’s have a look at your mechanics and figure out what exactly you need.

What exactly do we do and how much does it cost?

We advise on the legal aspects of the mechanics of the project implementation
(is it possible to implement it in a legal way and what is needed for this?)

  • We develop different policies and Terms of Use

  • We assist in communication with users, resolving disputes

We have a hourly rate – 100 USD

We are easygoing. We calculate fixed price costs for projects on its basis.

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