Terms of Use or public offer for marketplace or web-resource is a document that sets out the relationships of the company, resource owner and customers who visit the resource.

Sometimes such customers, due to the Terms of Use, become the clients of the company. Sometimes they request a refund on a basis of the Terms of Use. Sometimes they get banned 🙂 

All these actions from the client’s and the company’s side are bases on the Terms of Use. Terms of Use is alfa and omega of the projects, its shield and bonuses.

Nice projects need nice, high-quality and detailed terms of use. It is must have for marketplaces with complicated business mechanics and mind-blowing apps. Big ships need deep waters.

The question is where will such ships sail? What high seas jurisdiction will it prefer? For example, if startup is registered in Estonia and has clients from EU it is necessary to take into account EU acts, Estonia local acts and personal data regulation obviously. Be ready for GDPR. If startup launches marketplace and wants to accept payments itself it is necessary to consider PSD2 provisions.

You need to develop a refund policy, limitation of liability provisions for your company and dispute settlement procedures for potential conflicts with clients or visitors. Well, may we take a look at your project?

Our services


regarding terms of use and public offers

  • Consultations regarding the applicable legislative scope for certain online project (marketplace/app)
  • Consultations regarding changes to terms of use/public offer to add and describe ne business processes or launch on a new market

110 USD / hour


of terms of use/public offer

  • Terms of use for online project
  • Terms of use for marketplace
  • Terms of use for e-commerce
  • Terms of use for android/IOS app

Fixed price


regarding implementation of terms of use

  • Consultations regarding conflicts with customers
  • Consultations regarding connection of payment system
  • Crash-test/legal analysis and amendment of your terms of use

Price to be discussed

Our experts

Kateryna Petrenko
IT lawyer

Tarasiuk Anton
Managing partner

Олександра Белименко
Senior IT lawyer

Our experience

We helped hundreds of online projects with their terms of use. We assist in settlement of disputes between customers and marketplaces. We helped to develop the details legal algorithm of certain startup business mechanics and implement it through marvelous service options for customers.

Remember: terms of use is for people to protect company.

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