Trademark registration

  • Trademark registration in the USA, EU and Ukraine will protect the name of your brand and products.

  • We select the right classes, evaluate the possibility of protecting a particular name and go ahead.

  • Where to register trademark for IT business? In a country where your company is located and where your customers are from.

  • If you don`t have the trademark, here comes the risk that your domain, Facebook page and good mood will be taken away.

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Copyright registration

  • Registered copyright significantly simplifies the proving of violation of intellectual property rights in court.

  • Some foreign courts provide the protection only to registered copyright.

  • The owner of the registered copyright obtains additional legal remedies in comparison with the unregistered rights (for example, the right to get a fine payment without proving the amount of losses in court in the USA).

  • Registered copyright allows to make records in customs registers to prohibit the import of copyright objects that violate intellectual property rights.

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Should I register a trademark and copyright or no?

In the digital technology era, intellectual property and copyright issues play a key role in ensuring the success of any IT business.

The ease of violation of copyright on the Internet makes the problem of proper copyright protection in Ukraine, the EU and the USA relevant for everyone, regardless of whether you are a programmer, designer or owner of a great business.

Domain disputes occur more often nowadays, and the key element of proving process in such disputes is the presence of a trademark with an appropriate domain name.

The mobile app may be blocked because the owner of the trademark with the name of such an app filed a complaint against the appropriate platform.

It depends. More countries and classes means more expensive registration.

You may almost always submit online.

For example, in the USA it`s only $225 of fee + the services of lawyers for 1 class.

It`s often asked: what if the code is registered and then changed? No protection? Who knows:)

It depends on how it was changed.

If changes are insignificant and the derivative work comes out, then it will be under protection.

It is necessary to figure out the degree of mixing and whether the consumer can distinguish 2 names or not.

They also often look at the picture.

Send it to us, and we will look too)

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