Brand is an integral part of any start-up, project, or product.

If you believe in the success of your business and brand recognition, you should think about who else believes in it and is waiting for an opportunity to use your achievements for their own benefit. For example, this may happen if someone decides to “accidentally” name their own project very similar to the one you have already promoted.

Intellectual property security is the foundation that really pays off.

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Why register your trademark?

The presence of a registered TM in the relevant class automatically satisfies the threshold requirement for initiating a UDRP dispute and blocking similar website names.

A registered trademark increases investors’ confidence that a business or start-up is created not only to receive investment, but that the owner has a clear goal to develop and scale, increasing the brand’s value and, accordingly, the market value of the project.

If you are a mobile application or game developer, having a registered TM protects the app from being blocked for violation of intellectual property rights in the App Store and Google Play. TM also allows blocking other developers’ apps that copy your name/logo.

Реєстрація дозволяє безпечно передавати/надавати права на використання ТМ за ліцензійним договором (наприклад, для створення мерчу/колаборації між брендами, що часто зустрічається у сфері GameDev). У разі продажу бізнесу права на зареєстровану ТМ теж передаються і це збільшує вартість угоди. Якщо мова йде  про офлайн бізнес – для договору франчайзингу обов’язково потрібен зареєстрований бренд.

The rights to a registered (filed for registration) TM allow you to monitor conflicts and file oppositions to prevent the registration of similar TMs of competitors; block the pages of fraudsters and other imitators on social networks, such as Instagram; protect the brand in a more formal way, including in court.

It is worthwhile to spend money on marketing campaigns after the registration of the TM, since “promoted” and unprotected brands are the tasty morsel for attackers who can copy them with impunity.

Having no registered TM significantly increases the risks that you violate the rights of other owners and that your own TM rights will be violated, even if unintentionally.

You can use the registration mark ® to inform the public that your TM is registered.

The TM can be active and can fulfill all the specified functions as long as the owners renew it (every 10 years).

A registered TM helps to increase the trust of customers and partners and raise the level of business reliability, indicating the brand owner’s attitude to its reputation and assets.

Why is it crucial to register a trademark right now?

The sooner you evaluate the intellectual property market to find available TMs and potential conflicts of your brand and take care of this valuable asset, the greater service you will do for your business.

At Legal IT Group, we recommend including TM registration in the top 5 priorities for developing your business, which, in addition to legal guarantees, has other non-obvious advantages.

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Why choose us?

We have successfully registered dozens of trademarks, many of them in the US and the EU.

We analyse the real picture of your chances and do not persuade you to register knowingly losing TMs; we assess in detail the chances of registering your TM, including analysing similar practical cases, and, if necessary, provide recommendations to increase the chances of TM registration before submitting an application.

We have established partnerships with colleagues in popular and sought-after jurisdictions, so you don’t have to worry about finding local representatives to submit an application (which is a legal requirement).

We apply an individual approach – each trademark requires its own approaches to finding conflicts, selecting the right wording for describing the product or service and steps in the registration process, and we choose the strategy that suits the client in each case.

We have a transparent and favorable pricing policy for our clients.

We choose communication channels that are convenient for you, inform you about the current status of the application and are ready to answer questions at all stages.

Our services


Applying for trademark registration

  • Relevant class selection, consulting on the chances of the successful registration
  • Submission of an application for trademark registration in the following jurisdictions:
  • the USA,
  • the EU,
  • Canada,
  • China,
  • Australia,
  • the UK,
  • Ukraine.

Consulting and preparation of procedural documents regarding TM

  • Support in office action overcoming
  • Legal support regarding a trademark sale/transfer
  • Consulting on trademark-related issues
  • Filing an objection for trademark registration

Legal support in trademark disputes

  • Legal assistance in domain disputes in national courts and arbitration
  • Trademark disputes consulting
  • Legal assistance at the pre-trial/trial stage in trademark disputes

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