Contract preparation

  • Proper, correct and competent agreements with programmers, designers and audio engineers
    registration of trademarks comprising your game’s name in different countries (Ukraine, the USA and EU)
    application for copyrights and patents (optional);
  • Preparation and examination of your contracts with the publisher and counterparties;
  • Strong Terms of Use help you regulate relationships with millions of users properly;
  • GDPR compliance: a toolkit for the reliable protection of personal data.

Monetization and distribution of profits

  • Assistance with the registration in Steam, Oculus Rift, Google Play, and respective relationship governance;
  • Filling-out W-8BEN tax declaration form and others;
  • Preparation of contracts between cofounders of a game studio;
  • Preparation of contracts with investors in gamedev projects.

Expanding into new markets

  • Choice of jurisdiction, company incorporation and opening a bank account;
  • Preparation of partnership agreements;
  • Compliance with specific provisions of relevant legislation.

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