The data may promote the company to the first lines of the economic ratings among the variety of startups as well as bring it to the end with a blistering pace.

The data — as well as any other asset — require a mindful treatment and do not encourage obsessive exploitation for some ambiguous purposes.

Make sure that the data not only contribute to the achievement of goals but also ain’t used as an instrument of unfair competition.

We usually advise the clients on the issues regarding the GDPR and/or CCPA in such cases:

An outsourcing company works with the personal data of the clients from the EU and has received a GDPR questionnaire.
A software product company or startup coming in the market of the EU and/or the USA and the mechanics of their activities include the processing of personal data.
The company is launching or reviewing new processes relating to the collection and process of personal data to the existing projects that operate at the markets of the EU and/or the USA.

Our services: Personal Data Compliance Package

Privacy Audit &

Gap Assessment

Privacy Audit and assessment of the level of performance of the obligations under the GDPR allows you to examine and organize the flow of personal data overseeing by your company.


GDPR Documents

We develop the basic documents that are necessary to bring the business processes of the company in compliance with the GDPR.  It suits the startups and their first steps on the way of achieving compliance with the GDPR.


Compliance set

A full set of services provided to ensure that the processes of the company comply with the GDPR and/or CCPA. 

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Outsourcing legal company by Clutch

years legal support Tech companies

verified and detailed feedbacks from Tech companies

clients in Tech area, including Tech companies from USA, Estonia, UK, Singapore, Israel, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Ukraine

About us:


Outsourcing legal company by Clutch


years legal support Тech companies


verified and detailed feedbacks from Tech companies


clients in ІТ area, including Tech companies from USA, Estonia, UK, Singapore, Israel, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Ukraine

Ask your privacy advisors

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Head of Privacy, CIPP/E

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Managing partner, CIPP/E

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IT Lawyer

Our practices

We use our sharp expertise and experience to counsel and assist as external DPO service. You may rely on us with keeping in touch with you and your stakeholders and assisting you with settlement of data subject requests, drafting necessary policies and procedures, navigating tricky European and U.S. privacy laws and helping comply with the data protection assessment programmes. Learn more about our DPO service here.

As the new technology is always a challenge for the established legal regulation, it makes our work more exciting and encourages us to become more focused on achieving the final goal. We are eager to discover new areas and resolve the stakeholders’ misunderstandings and concerns regarding the well-known issues in the industries. 

Безкоштовний вебінар GDPR Захист персональних даних


Sometimes, the information about the bank account costs more than the sum on it. While collecting data from different payment services, clearing companies, acquiring partners and lending institutions, it is possible to discover a bunch of information relating to your users. However, such new knowledge, as a rule, entails the explanations before the data protection authority.



Despite the complexity of DSP/SSP networks and an enormous number of partners’ networks engaged in the transmission of data from the targeted object to the final consumer of ad services, it is not possible to override the requirements of the GDPR and/or CCPA simply by sophisticating the maps of data’s routes.

Абонентское обслуживание. Юристы для ІТ 9

IoT Systems

The market of devices for house and transport is not always secure, that is the partner-producer may cause serious damages to the reputation and welfare of your company by neglecting the security of its customers. Choose a mechanism that puts the security and faith of your clients above any doubts. 

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HR/Employment Compliance

Personal data of your employees, even the employees of your clients, are also protected, but not limited to the legislation on personal data protection. Reach the balance of power between you, as a company, and the ones who entrust you with their data. 

Интенсив по ІТ праву

eHealth / Digital Health

Despite the huge market offer of CRM-systems for the health care institutions and Saas-products for self-control, the security standards of the health products still are very high.

Evaluate your risks.


AI & Big Data (e.g. Facial Recognition, Cloud Computing)

Until the present century, people have never been so vulnerable as under the microscope of artificial intelligence and surveillance devices. No other technologies have ever been so hard to regulate as the aforementioned. 

Make certain that the service is transparent enough and does not lead to the extreme intrusion into the privacy of your users. 



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