The Contract in format “Time & Material” (the Agile Contract) is like a work of art and governs the relationship between IT Company and its Customers.

The Agile Contract does not regulate the terms of reference in detail, but it determines the terms of cooperation between the parties, in particular, the remuneration terms, scope of work and deadlines.

Drafting the Agile Contract

You and the Customer shook hands in online chat and now you are ready to start working on an IT project for him.

“And what about the contract?” the Contractor asks.

It is nice to have a customized contract written for your unique case and taking into account the specifics of your work.

In this case, you can answer, “Our standard contract is already in your email.” You close a deal like a professional.

You are confident of each letter in the contract and know that it protects your interests. At the same time this contract is written in plain language and acceptable to the Customer.

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