Attorney at law
Olha Afonina

  • disputes over shares and start-up stocks, corporate disputes

  • NDA (confidentiality agreements) disputes

  • NCA (Non-Compete Agreements) disputes

  • software development agreements disputes

  • disputes over licensing agreements

  • domain disputes (in the national courts and under the UDRP procedure)

  • copyright disputes/deletion of the content on the Internet

  • other disputes in the IT-sphere (crypto, disputes with platforms, sites, etc.)


Legal assistance in criminal proceedings in the IT-sphere.

  • trainings and legal guides for the IT team
  • participation in inspections of the IT companies offices
  • participation in interrogations of the company’s IT team
  • legal assistance in case of the seizure of documents, equipment, servers, appeal against the seizure of property
  • identification of risks in the security of IT companies and providing advice on their elimination and minimisation
  • development and implementation of the IT security policies of the company
  • organising of trainings on the security of IT companies
  • performing an internal investigation on the matter of financial fraud, data leaks, incitement to boycotts, clients soliciting, and other misconducts

What exactly do we do and how much does it cost?

We prepare consultations, develop legal strategies to determine the most effective course of action in a particular conflict.
We write claims, lawsuits, complaints, and texts of strikes for the content ban.

Each document is a tool to achieve the goal.
Statements, lawsuits, claims, their content, and timely submission can be decisive in a particular IT dispute.

The legal services are provided by the attorneys at law “GT” “Legal IT Group”.

Experts in IT Disputes

Tamashev Gennadiy
Attorney at law

Karina Gurova
Attorney at law

Olha Afonina
Attorney at law

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