Almost all companies are striving for business process automation. Companies use many varieties of sites, applications, software. This has a huge business impact. Automation is managed by co-founders, managers and directors. Many specialists are involved in the development of such tools: designers, developers and strategists.

Software and the Internet are crucial in the modern world, but people are still running them. However, where there are people, there is conflict. Disputes in the IT industry arise at all stages of the product lifecycle: from planning and verification to pricing and launch. In any case, in such disputes, companies are need of lawyers who understand the intricacies of the IT business.

Our clients are in the different stages of conflict. The ones are in the latent stage of conflict while the others have already burnt the boat.

Basically, clients contact us in the following cases:

  • Conflicts between the customer and the software developer (IT company).
  • Domain name disputes.
  • Intellectual property disputes.
  • Procurement claims and disputes.
  • Appealing the account locks in payment systems, stores, social networks, etc.
  • Search and seizure
  • Other conflicts in IT projects.

With our expertise in the IT law, we can successfully solve such issues and provide high-quality legal support.

Our services:



  • Development of a legal strategy
  • Preparation of legal opinions and recommendations.

Fixed price



•       Preparation of claims, requests, statements and other procedural documents.
•       Preparation of responses to claims, requests, statements and other procedural documents.
•       Contesting and appealing decisions.

Fixed price

IT Dispute


  • Representation of the client’s interests by IT lawyers including preparation of legal opinions and/or recommendations and participation in litigation and/or arbitration


Our experts:

Tamashev Gennadiy
Senior managing partner

Holod Oleksandr
Senior IT lawyer

Belymenko Oleksandra
Senior IT lawyer

Our expertise:

Our team has successfully supported dozens of disputes in the IT field. We have won domain arbitrations in the WIPO and intellectual property disputes in national courts. We have defended the interests of software developers in cases against unscrupulous customers. We have fought and sought the right of software developers to include projects titles in their portfolio.

We conduct agreements, policies and other documents on a daily basis, so we know all the complications of IT disputes.

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