The disputes in the sphere of IT arise regarding the developed programmes and ongoing projects or, at least, at the stage of producing one more killer of another unicorn. Anyway, in such a dispute average lawyers will not suffice. To settle them may be needed an IT lawyer with a deep understanding of the IT business.

We hold consultations in a variety of situations and at any stage of the conflict. Someone has just acknowledged the irreversibility of the dispute and realised the importance of the engagement of IT lawyers at the beginning. Others have already burnt the bridges and start to build barricades to fight with the counter-party.

Our expertise, both in procedural and substantive IT law in general, allows our team to take a strategic approach to solve such challenges and provide professional legal support.

IT lawyers of the attorneys at law “GT” “Legal IT Group” have significant experience in the legal support of the complex projects in the IT field, such as B2B conflicts, criminal proceedings regarding IT business and disputes on intellectual property.

IT Lawyers. Services


Legal assistance in disputes related
to the IT-sphere, namely:

  • disputes on the shares and stocks of startups, corporate disputes
  • NDA disputes (confidentiality agreements)
  • NCA disputes (non-compete agreements)
  • disputes on software development contracts
  • disputes on license agreements
  • domain name disputes (national courts and UDRP)
  • disputes on copyright/deletion of content on the Internet
  • other disputes in the IT-sphere (cryptocurrency, disputes with platforms, marketplaces, online stores)

Legal assistance in criminal proceedings:

  • training and legal guides for the teams of the IT company
  • presence in searches of the offices of IT companies
  • presence in the interrogations of the members of IT company
  • legal assistance during the seizure of documents, equipment, servers,
  • appealing against the seizure of property

We draft the consultations and develop legal strategies 
to determine the most efficient manner of conduct in a particular dispute. 

We draw up the claims, suits, complaints against the online stores and strike applications to block the unauthorised content.


Each document is a tool to achieve the goal. 
Statements, suits, motions, their filing and timely submission may become crucial in a particular IT dispute.

Experts in IT Disputes

Tamashev Gennadiy
Attorney at law

Karina Gurova
Attorney at law

Belymenko Oleksandra
Senior IT lawyer

Our expertise:

Our team has supported dozens of disputes in the IT-sphere, such as domain arbitrations under the UDRP procedure and proceedings in the domestic courts concerning the websites, software and other intellectual property.

The legal services are provided by the attorneys at law “GT” “Legal IT Group”.

We have protected the interests of developers in the courts against unscrupulous customers. We have stood up for the rights of developers to indicate their projects in portfolios by court decision. We have won NDA violation proceedings, we know how to work with electronic evidence, and we would be a pleasure to provide legal help.

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