Data protection officers and privacy managers will share own ideas and vision on challenges of DPO / privacy manager profession in tech companies. 

Tech business is driven by data, including personal data. The balance of interests of data subjects and IT companies must be met. Herewith, ensuring privacy laws compliance and the possibility for data subjects to exercise their rights on practice is an integral part of business processes.

Role of DPO and privacy manager means being the “advocate” of data subjects, herewith, being within the system and communicating with stakeholders inside, moderating and implementing privacy as a culture in the organization.

The aim of this DPO talks is to attract privacy pros worldwide and share the information about possible help from each and every one of you to support people in Ukraine nowadays. 

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11.04.2022 at 15:00 CET

we will talk about the following:

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Role of Data protection officer: advocate of data subject or corporate player?

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Main challenges DPO and privacy manager faces, working with tech product

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Trends in privacy professions – what will change in privacy workflow

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Building privacy as a culture – where to start and how to understand, that it is done

Great speakers we have here:

Simon Hania

Data protection officer at Uber

Vadym Honcharenko

Privacy Manager at Grammarly

Tarasiuk Anton

Privacy lawyer at Legal IT Group.

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