Let’s skip pleasantries: there is a war in Ukraine.
While our military are busy defending our land, our company like all the people of Ukraine, is trying to help the armed forces of Ukraine and our compatriots who have suffered from the armed aggression and first of all – children.
From the first day of the war, Ukrainians have been striving to evacuate and take care of children. Many of the little ones have lost their families because of the shellings and bombings of civil people in Ukrainian cities and towns.
Part of them is separated from their parents because the adults had to join the defense of our country and go to the battlefields. The life and health of their dearest are now in the hands of Ukrainian social workers and, of course, volunteers.
Ukrainian volunteers make wonders, and today’s no exception.
They spent days searching for and transporting baby formula, diapers, medications and other necessary children supplies.
Despite the difficult situation our team continues to work, provide the needed consultations to our IT army as well as take part in the information exchange to ensure that the children in need are supported regardless of their whereabouts in any way possible.

Let's help the children together!

Below you may find the details of our separate line of donations for children. 

Non-Profit Municipal Enterprise “Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Specialized (Special) Bone Tuberculosis Sanatorium “Smerichka”

USREOU code: 01993210

Address: 78595, Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Yaremche, urban-type settlement Vorokhta, 65A Danylo Galitsky Street

Authorised person: Marusyn Vasylivna Pavlivna

Activities: 86.10 Hospital activities

Legal entity’s status: registered

Date of registration: November 6, 1997

Any help is invaluable.


Our volunteer at the place

What the money is spent on?

Everything that the kids need: medicine, bedding, underwear, hygiene products, toys, food and more – we are in constant contact with the management of the institution to provide children with everything they need.

We keep providing pro bono advice in our chat to the temporary migrants, refugees, war victims. 

Join our community if you want to help.

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