Data drives business, but processing is the most unpredictable business risk an entrepreneur may have to deal with. Personal data is regulated by various laws, sometimes conflicting, and the costs of mitigating the compliance risks may rise dramatically and involve rewriting the code, extensive staff training, redesign of processes and change of long-standing vendors.

Privacy program may help spare unexpected expenses. Even a young organisation may learn how to determine personal data among the information flow and decide responsibly on the processing of it.

The aim of the conference is to attract privacy pros worldwide and share the information about possible help from each and everyone of you to support people in Ukraine nowadays.

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You can start building your privacy program with us. Here's the agenda of the talk:

ит право

Startup and privacy: is there a place for data protection during the initial stage?

ит право

Steps to build a company-wide privacy program

Our speakers:

Anton Tarasiuk

Managing partner at Legal IT Group, CIPP/E


Kateryna Dubas

Head of privacy practice at Legal IT Group, CIPP/E

Date 21th of April, 2022 (Thursday), 12:00 GMT+3

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