NDA with a client

  • Does a client ask for an NDA template to determine a possibility of cooperation? Great, you might have your own cool template with which this procedure will go pretty quick.

  • In the NDA agreement with a client, you might describe in detail which your developments are confidential, and protect your trade secret.

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NDA with a team

  •  How to protect a secret of your company?

  • We sign a strict, but fair NDA, in which we specifies secrets of your company .

  • NDA is said to be out-of-work. However, if everything is described properly then a developer will think one hundred times before breaking something. If there is no NDA, why wouldn’t share information?


NDA with a partner

  • You start a cooperation with a re-seller, but before you tell your secrets you want to be reinsured. NDA will help!
  • You want to be paid for a subcontractor, but project conditions are confidential. NDA comes to the rescue!
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Your customized NDA

They say confidentiality agreements are out-of-work in Ukraine.

They say penalties specified in such contracts are not real.


On the other hand, having a signed NDA, which is customized for a particular case for a particular party to a relationship that subscribed to the non-disclosure of commercial secrets, may make this party think several times before telling someone something.

Order NDA Package!

Find out how much the NDA will cost to specific cases in your situation, and order a set of documents that will become reliable tools for keeping skeletons in your closet, as well as confidential information of your IT company.

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