Tax advice for IT companies

  • Tax planning and tax advice in different jurisdictions;
  • Assistance in building a corporate IT structure;
  • Settlement of labor relations with employees of the IT company;
  • Support on connecting to payment systems;
  • Support of registration in Steam, Oculus rift, Google Play and settlement assistance;
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Jurisdiction and incorporation

  • Think session – strategic brainstorming on building a corporate structure;
  • Support of company registration in Estonia, Poland, Switzerland, USA and many other countries;
  • Support of opening of bank accounts for foreign companies and registration in payment systems;
  • Legal advice for foreign IT companies and company registration in Ukraine.
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Estonia, USA or Switzerland?

It’s not so easy to choose the jurisdiction for an IT company

Today, in the IT industry, jurisdictions such as Estonia, the United States, UA, and Poland are in demand. Of course, this list is far from exclusive.

Company is an instrument for conducting business and implementing business processes within the framework of specific jurisdiction.

  • What does each of the jurisdictions provide for IT?
  • Where is the tax harbor and which jurisdictions are trusted by investors?
  • Where to register a company to increase the cost of IT services or products at a time?
  • Tax burden for PE, LLC or C Corp. What and where better to register?
  • In what country are understandable laws and effective protection of intellectual property?
  • How to deal with a team and what taxes should be paid?
  • How to get funds for a newly created company?
  • What kind of income arises in the company should we pay taxes twice?
  • Is it necessary for an IT company to pay VAT in Ukraine or VAT in Europe?
  • Do I need to go to the country of incorporation to open an account?
  • Where is no paper bureaucracy and e-services? Where PayPal is fully operational?
  • Do I need to have clients in a country where I have a bank account?
  • How to prove substance?

Choice of a jurisdiction and, the organizational and legal/tax form of a local company, should be based on your business processes and needs.

We will be glad to give advice to your IT company.

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