Agreements and public offers

What is important in E-commerce? It is important to have legitimate basis for online invoicing as well as to be fully protected with the public offer (public agreement) after the funds are received. In addition, it is important to have rights to your own platform, and be able to adjust relations with contractors properly. If you own an internet store or marketplace, we will help you with the following contracts:

  • contracts with contractors ( programmers, designers);
  • NDA ( Nondisclosure agreements);
  • various license agreements, including EULA;
  • terms of Use, Privacy policy and Public agreements;
  • contracts with partners;
  • other kind of agreements.

Corporate law

Sometimes, it is better to have a business abroad. If you decide to start your own business in a foreign country, you need to have a company in the respective jurisdiction. We will be glad to help you and provide the following services:   

  • Legal support during the registering of a company in Estonia, Poland, Switzerland, USA, Ukraine;
  • Legal support during opening bank accounts for your foreign company as well as to connect to the payment systems;
  • Preparing various corporate documents (including, but not limited to Partnership agreements, Shareholders’ agreements etc.).


Many projects, in particular marketplaces, require their business-model to be assessed and reviewed against the current legislation of the respective jurisdiction. We are ready to provide you with the quality consultations on the following subjects:  

  • ​special characteristics of the Jurisdiction the company is registered in;
  • contractual relationship building;
  • implementation of innovative business models;
  • analysis of your current business model against the current legislation of the respective jurisdiction.

Intellectual property

We have significant experience in trademark registration process in the USA and the European Union as well as an experience in performing due diligence of various business models in a context of copyright law. We will help you with the following matters:


  • Registration of trademarks in the EU, USA, and Ukraine;
  • Due diligence of business models and contracts in a context of copyright law;
  • Providing you with legal advice regarding the use of intellectual property objects.

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