Contract development

What are digital marketing specialists paid for? Are they paid for the results or for the hours spent? Can a SEO specialist ensure proper results of optimization, or can a Head of marketing department ensure the products, he developed, to lead your company to a success?  Nowadays, an Out staff or Dedicated team methodologies are popular (it is when the whole team is working on a client’s project). We will help you to draft the contracts for digital studios, which are as follows:

  • ​Out staff, dedicated team contracts;
  • Website development agreements, Mobile app development agreements as well as other software development agreements;
  • NDA with parties concerned;
  • Various license agreements, including but not limited to EULA;
  • Terms of Use, Privacy policy and Public agreements;
  • Contracts with partners;
  • Other kinds of agreements.

Corporate law

If your digital studio is organised in the USA, will a remuneration for your services increase or not? What jurisdiction is better to work in the EU or Asia markets? Herewith, you should agree all the appropriate matters with the shareholders, shouldn’t you? We will provide you the following legal services for digital studios:

  • Legal support of a company registration process in Estonia, Poland, Switzerland, USA, Ukraine;
  • Legal support of the process of the bank account opening as well as assistance while connecting to the payment systems;
  • Preparation of various corporate documents (including, but not limited to Partnership agreements, Shareholders’ agreements etc.).



May you use images of the kittens owned by the neхt door neighbor in your SMM? How to protect your interests against the suspicious client? What email addresses you may send the messages to?   

We are ready to provide to you the quality and proficient consultations on the following subjects: 

  • Special characteristics of the Jurisdiction the company is registered in and relations between owners;
  • Contractual relationship building;
  • Implementation of innovative business models;
  • Consultations on the use of copyright law in digital marketing

Intellectual property

We have significant experience in trademark registration process in the USA and the European Union as well as experience in performing due diligence of various business models in a context of copyright law. We will help you with the following matters:

  • Registration of trademarks in the EU, USA, and Ukraine;
  • Due diligence of business models and contracts in a context of copyright law;
  • Providing you with legal advice regarding the use of intellectual property objects.


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