Data is everywhere. Companies collect data from data subjects online, offline and even in mixed reality.

Consents of data subjects became some kind of assets for marketers, who analyze our behaviour to develop great products.

Predictive analytics provides us with the customized ads, so we can choose the right product. 

Is that so?

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The marketing compliance for IT companies and other data driven organizations is a new challance, as nowadays it is really improtant to get insights and herewith to meet all the requirements of the applicable regulations. 

On this webinar we will talk about GDPR & CCPA in frames of marketing compliance.



• Predictive analytics and GDPR / CCPA


• AI in marketing: profiling and automated decision making


• Tips for marketing teams in frames of GDPR & CCPA

Our speakers:


Kateryna Dubas

IT lawyer from Legal IT Group. GDPR consultant.
Always on the edge of new trending technology and regulations regarding privacy.
Has great expirience in GDPR compliance services for IT bussiness all around the world

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Kateryna Namaka

IT lawyer from Legal IT Group.
She is advising on data privacy and algorithmic ethics.
Expert in the legal issues of face recognition and will be glad to share her vision of Data protection trends worldwide.

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The webinar shall take place on December, 20 at 17:00 by Kyiv (GMT +2) 



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