After landing a new job, you will see that everyone knows their name.
They are everywhere, everyone knows them, they are invited to all work meetings and workshops. 

Their position is first on the stakeholder’s list, and they know the product in and out.
Moreover, even the HR, accountancy and legal departments are on duty to supply them with information. 

Who are they?

Why are they so important?

Meet the DPO

(Data Protection Officer).

They are the first to know of any new security incident, equipment loss, new recruitment, unplanned software procurement or M&A.

Your company’s DPO is the person you have to consult when you have to handle a data deletion request from an end-user, want to pitch or make a testing run of your own devised method of processing data for the benefit of the company or arranged data exchange with a business partner.

Come meet them and ask what they do (and don’t forget to read the privacy handbook your company supplies newcomers with: many policies there are either written or approved by the DPO). 

If your organisation did not designate one, don’t you worry: we host this DPO event just for you (and other DPO-interested people around here, to keep you company).

We gathered the professionals around the globe to come and discuss the routine job that every one of us (DPOs, of course) does daily:


Workflow of DPO

Interesting cases

Data subject requests:

critical issue or extra marketing opportunity?

International transfers of data:

how Schrems II affected our workflow

Data governance software:

any tips to share?

This is a one (1) hour online event and includes an informal conversation of participants with the visitors and among themselves. 

When: (14.09.21)
from 12:00 till 13:00 (GMT +3 Kyiv time) in a format of panel discussion

Where: Online! We will send you the link after a quick registration; we will not share your data with third parties unless you ask us to do so.


Come to see and talk to these people:

Anton Tarasiuk

Managing partner в Legal IT Group. CIPP/E.

Data protection officer

Kateryna Dubas

Head of privacy в Legal IT Group. CIPP/E.




You can find the registration form below:

Welcome! We will be waiting for you!