We welcome you to the free webinar about key privacy questions in the UK.

A new great format, where we ask top privacy questions to top privacy professionals in different jurisdictions. Today we have Mark Povey and Larisa Munteanu from JSIG and 10 privacy questions from Kateryna Dubas for them. We will talk about privacy regulation in the UK and that must be really exciting.

Join us January 18, 2022 at 12:00 by Kyiv (GMT+2).

So, our questions are as follows:

Who are you? What do you do and what's your experience in personal data protection?

What drives you in the privacy industry?

UK. What is the main privacy act? Are there other related laws?

What is the connection between the EU GDPR and the UK GDPR? Anything essential to be taken into consideration when entering the UK market?

Are there other global regulations that have an impact on UK companies, in terms of data protection?

Regulator in UK and its main activities. Should one listen to ICO advice?

Fines in the UK. What are the most interesting cases in which they were imposed?

Can you share your experience in working with DSARs from the UK? Is there something specific?

DPO role in UK business. What are the main challenges?

Any trends or predictions in UK privacy regulation(s) for 2022?


Kateryna Dubas

Head of privacy practice at Legal IT Group, CIPP/E

Kateryna supervises all projects related to General Data Protection Regulation in Legal IT Group and systematically adds kindness and modern trends to the team.

Being actually an IT / privacy lawyer, she is also a professional in the legal support of international SAAS projects.

Frequent guest and speaker at legal events, where she shares her expertise in tech law.

Mark Povey

Technical Director, JSIG

Mark has been involved in data, communications and encryption for over 30 years. With his roots crafted in the British Army, Mark channels his vast experience into his Board role as Technical Director for JSIG. 

Mark uses his deep expertise in data protection, privacy and information security to deliver comprehensive and tailored solutions to both JSIG clients and their growing network of partners.


Larisa Munteanu

Data Protection Lawyer and Deputy Data Protection Officer, JSIG

Larisa has always been driven by her passion for research and knowledge, and was one of the top students at Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Law, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. After graduating the International and Comparative Business Law Master’s Degree, she became part of the JSIG team.

At the same time, merging IT Law with International Law was the decision which led to Larisa’s award of the Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance 2021. To win, she drafted and presented a Global Convention on AI and personal data protection.

As a key speaker for an event recently organised by the Council of Europe, and an author of research articles in the field, Larisa is well placed to support and advise on any international project focused on personal data protection.

We welcome privacy professionals and managers, marketers and founders