When we talk about SAAS or other service, which may be consumed online, we want to know everything about the way our user interacts with our product. From the moment, when user things about possibility of ordering something in your niche, to the time, when he or she pays you again and again.  

Context advertising, cookies, remarketing and behavior analytics are widely spread means to change the status of free product user to the buyer, which loves the service. 

Herewith, within this customer journey map, we have to communicate privacy as well. User has to know, what personal data he shares with us and what are the tools to control it. This privacy stops, or, if we can say, privacy touches within the interaction with user mean a lot. If we will conduct them poorly, the one may not want to continue and the customer journey will stop before the purchase.

Let’s talk about how we can make such privacy interaction within customer journey map a great experience,
that empowers the user’s perception of our services. Let’s talk about GDPR in practice.

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Tarasiuk Anton

Managing partner at Legal IT Group

Igor Kotkov

Privacy lawyer at Legal IT Group

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