Ukrainian law firm with domain IT law expertise. Benefits

There is no any hesitations lawyers with expertise in domain name law are best professionals if legal issues involving domain name law arise. IT law is a very specific field of law since this is rather a mixture of civil, international private, business and tax legislation than just a sole independent sphere. Thus, I think we can all agree on this way is too complicated to research and analyse legal aspects of the country, for example, Ukraine, different from the one you used to work in.

It’s no secret that IT outsourcing services from Ukraine (mostly, software development) is the most attractive option for IT companies from the US, Europe, Canada etc. The best way to regulate business process and relationships with software developers from Ukraine is to contact Ukrainian lawyers. So, how may you benefit engaging Ukrainian law firm to your project?

Awareness of software development contracts’ tips and tricks.

IT outsourcing services contracts (Time&Material / Fixed price software developments agreement or BDaaS) is your competitive advantage on the IT business market. By customizing all of your needs (terms, obligations, IP rights) in IT agreement you know what to expect and how to protect yourself in case of any disputes. Ukrainian legislation provides quite specific provisions with a lot of exceptions and space for a maneuver. In order to avoid all of the negative consequences that might happen due to intricate legal system, calling Ukrainian lawyers will be your best choice. 

Online legal consultation.

You may also think about opening the representative office in Ukraine. Questions related to affiliate registration, workers employment, trademark registration etc have many specifics. In case you just have an idea to develop your business in Ukraine the best way to receive quick answers on all of your legal questions is online legal consulting from IT lawyers. Detailed plan with fixing specific deliverables provided on infographics and a plain language, not 199 pages of legal blah blah with one sentence at the end – “that’s why it’s impossible” , you may receive as legal services from a  Ukrainian law firm with domain IT law expertise.

Pleading in national courts.

The most complicated part for IT business is dispute resolution. That’s not because of the time or funds consuming. In case your main working Information technology agreement falls under Ukrainian law and any disputes arising shall be dissolved in national courts, trial lawyers from America, Europe or any other country different from Ukraine will not be competent enough to plead in courts and protect their clients in a duly manner as long as civil, business, criminal (very undesirable) procedural law is completely distinct.

For sure, every IT company and startup wants to have a really involved team trying to solve namely your legal trouble. But quite often international lawyers that do not have appropriate experience in Ukrainian legislation will not be able to provide you with expected legal results of services. Thus, we strongly recommend you to apply to the Ukrainian firm providing legal services to be sure they know what and how to do. 

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