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DPO as Service

  Privacy is a cornerstone of modern IT companies. Modern people expect control over their data, they want to know and understand what the company does with information about them. Moreover, the regulator supports them…

DPO as Service

Data Protection Officer (or DPO) is a position or contractor that helps the company introduce and maintain compliance with the data protection laws across the European Union and European Economic Area. A Data Protection Officer…

GDPR compliance for tech companies

GDPR audit, GDPR documents

Trademark registration for the IT sector in the USA, Canada, Europe and Ukraine.

Registration and protection of IP

Software development contract

Time & materials agreement, MSA, Fixed price

Legal advice for Tech companies

law consultations for IT business

Dispute resolution

Technology and domain disputes

Legal help for Game studios

unlock legal features

Terms of use & User agreement

EULA and on-site documents

Startup investment legal support

Protection of interests of startups and investors